April 29, 2015

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In just two weeks, Ben and I will be closing on our condo!  It’s still sinking in – but I am really excited to have a place all our own and a place we can truly call our home.

We have lived in our city for a year and a half, and along the way, we have explored so many new places – restaurants, shops.  Although it can be extremely cold, I feel really lucky to live in a place where we experience beautiful seasons, where we have amazing hills and valleys – the best for biking – and where people are beyond friendly.  I’ve grown to love hiking – especially when I can bring my camera along – and the Farmers’ Market is my go-to in Summer.

Growing up, I had never really lived in a house — so having a house of our own is surreal and a really big blessing.  When I was younger, I would say, “When I have fresh flowers on my dining room table, that’s when I’ll be happy!”  It is something so small (The smallest detail ever!) but it has always been something so special to me, and something that has made me feel really blessed, even as a grown-up!  To me, there is something so wonderful about having a place for your family to celebrate special occasions, to create traditions, and to feel so loved.

The Nesting Place

About a month ago, I purchased The Nesting Place – a book about decorating with a standard of grace, rather than perfection.  It’s all about making your home a place to live in rather than a place to look at. With resources like Pinterest, it can be tough to give ourselves the grace we need – but it is really important to do.

I’m so excited to begin painting and decorating!  Although I’m sure our plan will change along the way, here is what we’re envisioning:

Right now, our condo is in need of TLC; it has a dark brown accent wall or two, and the cabinetry is dark as well.  My favorite decor is light, so I’m excited to create a really airy – yet cozy – home!  We’re looking at creams, greys, and mints – colors that are very light and subtle.  We’ve got 5 rooms to decorate, and I’m hopeful that each one will have its own kind of warm and welcoming feeling.

Along the way, I’ll be tagging my posts with Our Home on Harvest! There will probably be lots of learning experiences and DIY adventures, so please be sure to follow along!  If you want to follow along with a couple who has zero experience in renovating – this is for you! ;-)  Lots of laughter and mishaps to follow!


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