July 16, 2017

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Just over 2 years ago, Ben and I bought a condo in a small town, right next to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. (Just one block away from Eau Claire!) When we closed on our condo, we had about 1 month to complete our renovations while living in our rental townhouse. In the end, we moved in just days after we had closed, because our townhouse had flooded — leaving us with no time nor any resources to complete the updates and renovations we were hoping to.

This month, we’re so excited to be starting — and finishing — the renovation process. Our updates include:

  • Removing our popcorn ceiling in our kitchen, living room, and dining area — DIY, In Progress
  • Painting the ceilings in our guest bedroom and master bedroom — DIY, This Week
  • Installing new lighting in our kitchen, living room, and dining area — Hiring an Electrician, Next Week
  • Installing new white trim, doors, and crown molding all over — Family Helpers, 2 Weeks from Today

So far, I’ve learned:

  • Renovation projects are not easy (HGTV is definitely misleading!) but the results can be really rewarding. Seeing a flat ceiling after scraping off the popcorn texture has been really cool!
  • Preparation is key. You’ll never regret taping and using drop cloths. In other news, I think I saw popcorn ceiling texture in my dreams.
  • Through this process, I realized that I need to keep trying things I might not be very good at. It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone and do only the things you already feel confident doing. This whole experience has taught me that you’re never too old to learn a new skill — or discover something you may not be very good at.

On our agenda this week is: finish removing our popcorn ceiling, and prepare to paint the ceilings in our guest bedroom and master bedroom. I’m really excited to make some serious progress!

In the meanwhile, one update I’m really excited about is our lighting update! We’ve decided to hire an electrician, to ensure that the updates are completed safely and professionally. We’re installing recessed lighting in our kitchen, living room, and dining area, installing a new pendant light above our kitchen sink, and having one light fixture (I like to call it the “mystery light fixture” — because it’s in an awkward place and doesn’t have a clear purpose.) removed altogether.

Today, I’ve gathered up some of my favorite light fixtures. I’ve always been drawn to the farmhouse, rustic style. And of course, after watching Fixer Upper, I also have a new appreciation for raw materials and metals. The pendant light we’ve purchased to hang above our sink is just like #5 shown below.

I’m so excited about the progress and updates we’ll be making in just a couple short weeks!


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