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Thank you so much for your interest in sponsoring or partnering with Kelly Zugay. Here, my sincere hope is to create engaging, encouraging, and educational content to equip people to pursue health and wellness in a wholehearted, one-of-a-kind way.

When it comes to sponsorships, my hope is to partner with health, wellness, vegan-friendly, Earth-friendly, or fair trade businesses and organizations. I am excited about the opportunity to share about businesses I can believe in, aligned with my personal values, and I am so hopeful we'll have an opportunity to collaborate.

Please take a peek at the details below, and then contact me to begin!

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90% of my social media, newsletter, and podcast audience is made up of women aged 25-35 who are interested in learning more about health, wellness, fitness, and healthy living. 

On each platform, I aim to curate a welcoming, authentic, and engaging community — posting at least once per day on each social media platform, sending one newsletter per week, and sharing at least one podcast episode per week. 

My current rate is $50 per post, per social media platform — with a minimum of 2 posts. Please contact me to learn more!







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