May 19, 2015

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Today, I am so excited to share with you a sneak peek of our condo renovation progress!  (If you’re just joining us, we purchased a condo and started the renovation process!)  We’ve got a long way to go, but I’m so excited to share our progress along the way!

Once again, our condo is a little bit outdated.  It is not very old, but there are definitely elements that cause it to look and feel old. (Hello, weird railing thing on the cabinetry!)  Prior to taking the plunge, we decided to update each room one at a time.  That way, we can really decide how to update and decorate accordingly.

Our philosophy is “do the worst first” — so we started with our open-concept kitchen, dining, and living room.  It’s the largest area, and we wanted to do our best to make it look and feel like home!  Our goal is to create an open, airy — yet welcoming — space.  We chose a nautical color palette, courtesy of Nautica Paint.  I’m so excited about the color palette, and I just know it will help us to create the space we’re hoping for!

Our Kitchen Update

This is a first look at our kitchen area.  As you can see, some aspects of the kitchen are updated, while others are dated.  (I think the most amazing part of purchasing a house is seeing past its imperfections, trusting in your vision, and taking a leap of faith!)

Kitchen Update

So far, we have removed the railing from the top of the cabinetry, removed the metal area from behind the oven, and removed each decorative wall plate.  We’ve also taped each area to prepare it for painting!  We’ll be painting the entire open concept area a very light gray.  We chose Sailing Salt.

Kitchen Update

This is the start of painting the living room Sailing Salt gray.  (We started with the living room and still need to finish up the kitchen!) As you can see, we are covering up a mustard color.  We’ve noticed how much brighter and open the room is already! We’re so excited!

Kitchen Update

This is Benjamin hard at work!  I especially love this picture, because the ladder shown here has been in the Zugay family for four generations.  While we were painting, we talked about how meaningful it is that we are painting our first home with the help of something so special to our family!

Kitchen Update

Here, you can see a large wall on the left using the Sailing Salt gray; the wall with the window is currently an olive green and will soon be gray too!  This is just our first coat, but I’m so excited about how beautifully it is coming along!

Kitchen Update

We’ve got a bit more to do for our kitchen including: painting every wall Sailing Salt gray, removing the light fixtures and adding recessed lighting, removing the wall fixture and adding shelving, painting the cabinetry white, and adding a backsplash.

We’re so excited to see everything come together!  If you have any advice, please share below!


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