December 3, 2015

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Sending Holiday Cards-4438

This week, our holiday cards arrived in the mail! Receiving mail is already really exciting — but holiday cards bring mail to over-the-top exciting!

Sending these cards is on my Saturday to-do list: A.K.A. The day I do everything I didn’t make room for throughout the week! I’m so excited for everyone to see, and to show off the beautiful work by Kelsey of Availeth Photography, too! Kelsey is so, so, so gifted!

Sending Holiday Cards-4422

Sending Holiday Cards-4464

Sending Holiday Cards-4472

Sending Holiday Cards-4475

Sending Holiday Cards-4477

I chose a gold foil design from Minted — my favorite online shop for holiday cards, prints, and more. Right now, Minted offers free recipient addressing, and you can choose from lots of really cool designs, too!  (I really love details like these, because it adds to the overall experience of sending and receiving a holiday card!)


Sending Holiday Greetings



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