May 7, 2018

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Even though Ben and I have lived in our condo for almost 3 full years, we’re still chiseling away at fully furnishing and decorating each room. In winter, it’s too cold to open up the windows and do major home projects, and in summer, it’s too nice outside to stay inside to do home projects — so furnishing, decorating, or renovating usually aren’t a priority!

This summer, though, I’m actually determined to put a bigger dent in our home projects. Ben is going back to school for his doctorate in the fall, and I really hope each room will be as complete as can be — with complete workspaces for both of us, and permanent furniture in every room.

Today, I’ve put together some inspiration for our guest bedroom — odds and ends I have in mind for the room that doubles as my office and our guest bedroom. It has to be cozy and welcoming for guests, while still being open and bright enough for me to use as an office in between. I’m super excited to finish this room!

Overall Inspiration

My Pinterest board has a lot of pins that show the overall ‘mood’ I hope the guest bedroom has. This bedroom from Zevy Joy, pictured below, is bright, airy, and modern — yet cozy! Our guest bedroom is newly-painted white, so it’s like a blank canvas to work from, which makes my designer heart happy!

Odds and Ends

Items we already have: I have a headboard like this one as well as this desk and this chair.

Items I’m excitedly waiting for: These nightstands in white, and these wooden floating shelves.

Items I’d love to use: Lamps like these, a mirror like this one — or a painting like this one for the wall above the bed.

These projects take a lot longer than expected, but I’m excited to [hopefully] finish our guest bedroom by the end of June! I’m excited to share the progress along the way, too! (And of course, if you have any tips, I’d love to know them!)


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