August 18, 2015

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Last weekend, I had an opportunity to step way outside of my comfort zone by attending Create + Cultivate and the Birchbox Road Trip in Chicago! It was a really fun-filled weekend, and as I documented my experience, I realized just how dependent I can be on my cell phone for updating Social Media and for staying connected.  Social Media plays such a big part in my job, that I can’t help but use it on a daily basis!

During the weekend, I was on Instagram non-stop — which was a really fun way to share my experience in Chicago! After the weekend, though, I felt like I needed a cell phone detox, so today, I’m sharing 5 ways to unplug — to become disconnected from technology and soak up the beauty of simply living.

5 Ways to Unplug

  1. Set ‘business hours’ for using your cell phone. Last October, when I attended Go Blog Social on behalf of With Grace and Gold, one piece of advice that really stuck with me was: When you use your cell phone for business, use it only during business hours. By leaving your cell phone on your desk, you can overcome the temptation of checking your notifications right when you wake up, or right before you go to bed. Having my cell phone away in the evening can help me to stay present during quality time with my husband, too!
  2. Exchange cable TV for Hulu or Netflix. My husband and I recently decided to exchange our cable TV service for a Hulu subscription. We realized that our TV was often used as ‘background noise’ and that we were spending too much time thinking about what to watch – rather than seeking out places to explore and things to do. Getting rid of cable TV has allowed us to live simply: to watch our favorite shows when we’re ready to, and to spend a lot more time enjoying the outdoors and each other’s company.
  3. Turn off push notifications. Push notifications are the notifications you receive when something new has happened on Social Media: a comment you received, a message you received… By turning off push notifications, you can use your phone without being distracted by what is taking place on Social Media.
  4. Sign up for yoga. This summer, I signed up for a gym membership. In our new community, a gym is within walking distance – which is really awesome! Signing up for a gym membership or ‘yoga in the park’ can be a great way to get disconnected and refocus on the world around you.
  5. Keep your cell phone in your bag. When you’re out for lunch with a friend, keep your cell phone away and in your bag. Doing so will help you stay focused on conversation, to stay present, and to really enjoy the moment. I’m positive that I won’t look back on my life and say, “I wish I had spent more time looking at my cell phone.” So, I’m going to do my best to really savor every conversation and moment shared with friends and family.

This week, I’m going to do my best to stick to these little tips! If you try any these tips, let me know how it goes by sharing in the comments below!


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5 Ways to Unplug



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