September 28, 2015

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Our Home on HarvestHappy Monday!

This weekend was the second in a row that Ben and I actually spent in our city.  We made the most of every second, and we put a big dent in all of the ‘around the house’ projects we had been so behind on; we cleaned, organized, and prepared for our cabinet painting project, too!  It’s the last major project we have for our condo renovation — which is hard to believe! From our flood to the start of our renovating process, we have come a long way!

Lately, I’ve been doing my best to stick to the idea of “progress over perfection.” Some days are going to be really productive — and some days are going to be an opportunity to slow down.

So, for those days you’re able to slow down, I’m sharing three books designed to encourage you:

  1. The Nesting Place. Right after we purchased our condo, I purchased The Nesting Place.  The Nesting Place is all about having a home that is ‘lived in’ rather than ‘looked at.’  It’s all about using — and loving — what you already have.
  2. Simply Tuesday. As a small business owner, I am so familiar with the feeling of “I could be doing more!”  There will always be a new project to finish or a new goal to accomplish. Simply Tuesday is all about being present and being content — and using every day as an opportunity for breathing, rather than for striving.
  3. Restless.  Restless is all about using your unique gifts and talents to find your purpose.  It’s about understanding how the people you’ve met, the challenges you’ve faced, and the passions you have are meaningful and can lead to a more fulfilling life.

Are there any books you’d add to this list?  Please share in the comments below!


3 Books to Encourage You



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